Counseling and debriefing

My background in the Church of Sweden is as church musician. When I met my husband we went overseas to the Philippines for 8 years to work at the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music. Our two children were born during these years and we returned to Sweden in time for the eldest to start grade one. 

The next step was to be trained and ordained as parish deacon in the Church of Sweden and I worked in parish ministry for 18 years. Counseling grew as a main area of interest and I spent a lot of time in individual counseling and pastoral care.

The last two years were spent in northern Thailand, working with cross cultural Christian workers in Asia. I got familiar with shortterm therapy and cognitive methods and my experience is of personal debriefings and counseling, mostly for individuals but also for couples. Since these clients come for shortterm visits there is no time for longterm treatments but rather intense weeks of intentional work with specific issues or debriefings of a certain period of time in the clients life ( eg. the last two years).

In 2015 I was certified as Symbolpedagog (symbols teacher) after a two year training at Jämshögs folkhögskola in Sweden.
The specific tools in this area are visualisation and guided affective imagery combined with expressive painting. This opens up for new thoughts and are powerful tools to explore ways to move forward in life. I use them for individuals and also for group workshops.

You are welcome to contact me for a single session or a series of sessions. I use psychodynamic theory with added tools from cognitive therapy and symbols therapy.

In a debriefing we talk through a specific event or a period of time, to unwrap the difficulties and emotions involved as well as celebrating your strength and acknowledging what you learned from this event or time period.

In a therapy we will look into your presenting problem and explore ways to move forward. This may include looking into your history to see if there are issues blocking your way.

One special tool is the Life Span Integration method, where we work with your timeline and integrate emotionally sensitive memories into your life. A  successful session will de-sensitize the memory and help you remember it through the eyes of the grown-up capable adult person that you are today.


2017               Certified LSI step one, Stockholm
2017-             Private practice as counselor and symbols teacher
2015-17         Counselor and care provider at The Well Intl., Chiang Mai, Thailand
2015              Certified Symbolpedagog
2013-             Private practice as counselor
2001-2003   Psychotherapy, step one. PDT
1994-2012    Work in ministry as parish deacon and counselor
1995              Ordained deacon in the Church of Sweden
1993-94       Studies for the diaconate at Samariterhemmet, Uppsala, Sweden
1985-1992    Teacher at Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music in Manila, Philippines